Life Insurance

Is Life Insurance worth it?

Let’s start with life insurance. Why? I believe that life insurance is the most important type of insurance one can have. Let’s take a look at today’s funeral costs. It costs almost $7,000.00 for the average funeral in 2013. Now Social Security will only pay $255.00 at most.

I know it is uncomfortable to talk about death but consider this: Do you want your loved ones to carry the burden of your final expenses? How do you think that loved one will feel if they have to put the charges on a credit card and after your funeral have to see the charges from the funeral home? If you can get life insurance I strongly recommend it. For a little money each month you can protect your loved ones from this heavy burden.

The other reason why you should get life insurance is how do you expect your loved one to carry on with the lifestyle they have become accustomed to when you are around? Do you own a home will your loved ones be able to keep and live in that home or will they have to sell it? These are the two most important reasons for getting life insurance. Now if you are like me one of those unfortunate people who can’t get insurance because of your health I would like to suggest getting a mutual fund.

Why you ask? With the mutual fund you can name a beneficiary and put the money away and maybe have a little extra for your loved one to invest and to take care of themselves. What about any children? You need to make provisions for your children as well. These are just some of the reasons you should have life insurance It is not to take care of the dead but who you leave behind. So when you look at your spouse and children even if you have no children just remember you have family that loves you and wouldn’t you want to leave them with pleasant memories?

The pain of losing a family member is hard enough don’t compound it by burdening your loved ones with your final expenses. While we’re at it Let me explain you want life insurance not accidental death and dismemberment. I know I have had family members who made that mistake only to regret it later on.

Nate Akers
Insurance Expert
Licensed Insurance Agent